Hoping to catch come bikes we can rehab for people before people pay to take them to the dump. Prefer adult bikes but open to any as long as they're fixable. Thanks!
We just got a puppy! He likes his borrowed crate, so we should get him his own. He's a german-shepherd husky mix, so he'll be kind of big:) 3ft x 2ft x 30in?
I need a fridge for my garage that I can keep vegetables in. Thanks
Looking for a full size articulated skeleton.
My fianc and I are looking for a couple bicycles to get out and do more exercise, I just had back surgery which went well and will soon need to get put do more to keep moving and make sure my muscles don t lock up on me, we don t have any transportation so if it s possible to drop them off that would be great. Please let us know if you can help, and thank you in advance.
have a friend that has a male cockatiel that is very lonely. he needs a friend..any one out there that knows of some one that needs to give one to a good home...with a friend needing a friend... would be awesome!! Thank You!
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